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CNC Machining

24 Hr Quotes and DfM Feedback - Plastic or Metal parts machined in as little as 3 days.

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Injection Moulding

24 Hr Quotes and DfM Feedback - Plastic or Liquid Silicone Injection Moulding with delivery in as little as 12 days.

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3D Printing

Instant Quotes - Order Prototypes, complex or production parts offered across SLA, SLS, DMLS, FDM.

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Get your parts quoted, ordered and delivered in 24 hours

Step 1

Upload CAD files

Simply upload your CAD file (.stl, .step, .obj, .iges + others) and any supporting documents.

Step 2

Specify Requirements

Choose materials, tolerances, accreditation's, if you require an NDA and delivery times.

Step 3

Receive Quote & Feedback

Get a quote instantly or within 24 hours with Design for Manufacturing feedback

Step 4

Place Order

Your parts will be made to your exact requirement and shipped to you, covered by Manufacturing Source Buyer Protection Policy

What they say

Hannah Keaton

Supply Chain Manager

Micheal Giluam

Manufacturing Partner

John Haynes

Industrial Design Director

Joseph Rittener

Product Designer for Startup

“The Manufacturing Source platform has been invaluable. We have been able to significantly reduce the time and cost it has taken to produce a batch of high precision Aerospace parts over our previous supplier.”

- Hannah Keaton

“Since the company became a manufacturing partner of Manufacturing Source, we have purchased 2 new CNC machines and have some exciting growth plans due to the additional work.”

- Micheal Giluam

“Manufacturing Source has been significant in expanding our business offering, as we have immediate access to on demand professional manufactured parts.”

- John Haynes

“We have previously struggled with getting quotes out of manufacturers in a timely manner, when we do they are often not fairly priced or long lead times. We now use Manufacturing Source as our parts often arrive faster than other manufacturers can quote!”

- Joseph Rittener

Why use Manufacturing Source?

Increased supply chain efficiency

Once your jobs are uploaded into the system, orders can be repeated or called off as required. Great for procurement.

Trusted Manufacturers

We have pre-qualified global manufacturers from job-shops to accredited Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Medical and other specialist areas.


We have NDA's in place with all of our partners, if required you can upload your own through the NDA portal.

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